Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

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Tatiana Gomes

Tatiana was raised Catholic in Brazil. As she grew up, she came to learn that both of her grandparents had had Jewish roots, but growing up “I was not allowed to ask questions yet I felt that Judaism has always been in my blood and in my soul.” Although privately she had been learning about Judaism for a long time, Tatiana decided that she wanted to learn more. She loved the Introduction to Judaism class because “I loved hearing about other people’s experiences as each individual has their own journey. Everyone has been so welcoming and the class was so wonderful that I asked myself, 'Why did I wait so long?'” Tatiana especially enjoyed the faculty and began studying one on one with Rabbi Neil Hirsch who really understood her feelings and thoughts about Judaism and her Jewish roots. After Tatiana chose to become Jewish, her grown daughter, a Birthright participant, also decided to take the RJOB Introduction to Judaism class and is also choosing to convert. Together, mother and daughter have just decided to make Aliyah to Israel and are thrilled with the outcome of the Journey that began with a single phone call to RJOB.