Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

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Lindsay Hayman

When I signed up for the Intro to Judaism class, I truly felt I was taking the leap from, "curious about Judaism" to "serious about Judaism." There was something about buying books, seeing a syllabus, and agreeing to a weekly schedule that said I was no longer looking in from the outside. I was finally making a move in my long journey toward Judaism and Jewish life.

I was nervous. What will I learn? Will I feel like an outsider? What kind of person takes this class? Those fears were all quickly allayed by the kindness and quick-with-a-joke nature of our first teaching rabbi. Our group was great! Couples getting married, people like me who were drawn to the religion and wanted to know more, and even Jews who wanted to "get back to their roots" after a time away from religion.

Taking this class gave me two things: the knowledge that I absolutely made the right decision to seek greater understanding of a religion I admired, and the courage to begin going to services on my own and branching out in to the Jewish community. The rabbis and classmates made it easy. I finally felt I had found my spiritual home.

As a convert to Judaism, I will always look back on my Intro class as the bridge that took me from curious wonderer to a practicing and proud Jew. What a beautiful family I've joined, and it all started with this class. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to learn with such intelligent and generous rabbis, and with the people who shared my journey every Sunday.