Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

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Antonio de la Serna

I am of mixed ancestry and I was not raised with any religious training. To make my life today feel complete, I was compelled to reconcile my undeniable personal spirituality and values with a tradition and community. Intellectual growth alone does not sufficiently satisfy my yearning of what is missing in my life. As independent and accomplished as I may be, I realized that this was a point in my life when I needed others.

Stumbling upon the RJOB course description of Introduction to Judaism in my local internet search, I encountered a roadmap for couples and individuals exploring Judaism. What I did not anticipate was the joyous sense of community as a class cohort in our budding journey together within the warmth of Judaism, enriched with the sensitivity and guidance from a remarkable set of contributors. Enrollment spanned several generations and was inclusive of those interested in converting from various backgrounds, those respectfully not interested in converting, and those returning to Judaism from their childhood or across their family history of Judaism. Enthusiasm for the class was demonstrated by high attendance and participation, with many making very long commutes to join in our weekly fellowship of learning. It was an intellectual, emotional and spiritual bonding experience with the road before us to choose.

I also attended the RJOB course New Beginnings, available for those interested in conversion. This class complemented the experience from Introduction to Judaism with attention to the more focused direction of my spiritual path forward as a Jew. Here I joined others on this same quest, receiving a welcoming appreciation of the conversion process. I was also delighted to have a tour of the elaborate mikveh at Mayyim Hayyim.

If you have been tapping from outside of the stained glass trying to peer inside, classes at Reform Jewish Outreach Boston will open the way for substantial learning while embracing who you are.

Antonio de la Serna completed Intro to Judaism in August 2016. A native Californian, proud father, accomplished innovator and education advocate, he lives on the edge of the Atlantic on the Winthrop peninsula.