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    Reform Jewish Outreach Boston provides programs, resources and helpful information for people exploring Judaism and the Jewish community.
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    Reform Jewish Outreach Boston offers programs for interfaith couples that help to strengthen understanding and communication.
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    Reform Jewish Outreach Boston offers in-depth study and connections to the Jewish community.
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Meet our Faculty and Ambassadors

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A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?

This engaging class on Jewish spirituality, ethics and community is designed for beginners—Jewish or not.

“A Taste of Judaism gave me a foundation for the Jewish religion. Now, I have a better understanding of my partner’s faith.”
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Yours, Mine & Ours is designed for all interfaith couples, whether they are dating, engaged, married or new parents, to explore what they value most from their faith and family backgrounds.

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Becoming Jewish is an evening discussion group about the process of conversion to Judaism.

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This in-depth course is designed for individuals and couples wishing to explore Judaism. Interfaith couples are encouraged to enroll together.

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Learn to read Hebrew with a warm and supportive educator to guide you.